Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Make Your Own Prolong Wear Lipstick!

In order to make your Inglot Lipstick or Any lipstick long staying:
  • You can apply a concealer or any neutral lipstick as a base first.
  • Then apply the Inglot/ Or any lipstick. I used #69 from the Inglot freedom palette.
  • Apply Pro long wear lipgloss on top in order to seal your lipstick. Do Not Drink or Eat for 15 Minutes. This will seal your lipstick for atleast 6 hours. I used the colorbar extra durable lipcolour.
Prolong wear lipgloss is available at MAC, Inglot and Colorbar.

 I have tried and tested this, I recently attended my sisters wedding in Feb and I wore the lipstick just the way I described it above. I ate, drank coffee & soup, had fun but my lipstick did not go! :)

Availability: Any Mac, Inglot or Colorbar Store.
Price: ranges from 300 INR -1200 INR.
Rating: A+

Love Surabhi

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