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Saturday, January 14, 2012

*Dupe Alert* *Dupe Alert* *Dupe Alert*!!!

 Don't they look Similar?

Hi girls, Here are dupes of some the most popular and in hot demand shades!! In case you missed out on the limited editions or you are short on cash you can always pick up a dupe :)

Most of these dupes are available on,,,, & and are cruelty free!

Alright, Sisters Let's Save Some Money!!

Lipsticks &Lipgloss

Brand Dupes Match 
Mac Hibiscus  Nyx Sunflower 100%
NYX Femme Inglot #01 freedom system 100%
NYX Sunflower Inglot #73 freedom system 100%
Mac Hibiscus  Inglot #73 freedom system 100%
Mac Bust Out  Mac UP The Amp 100%
Mac Toxic Tale Nyx Femme 100%
Mac Russian Red  Nyx Electra 95%
Mac Russian Red  Revlon Really Red MATTE 95%
Mac Spitfire Revlon Wild Orchid 90%
Mac Gulabi  Mac Girl About Town 90%
Mac Gulabi  Mac Full Fushcia 90%
Mac Mehr  Mac Viva La Glam VI 90%
Mac Mehr  Inglot#44 freedom system 95%
Mac Girl About Town Revlon Fuschia Fusion 95%
Mac Crème' De Nude Nyx Circe 95%
Mac Crème' De Nude Mac Viva Glam Gaga 2 95%
Mac Crème' De Nude Revlon Soft Nude 95%
Mac Ever Hip Victoriassecret Heartbeat 100%
Mac Ever Hip Nyx Indian Pink 95%
Mac Good To Go Mac Morange 100%
Mac Red Nyx Choas 95%
Mac Most Popular  Mac Plumful 95%
Mac Pink Noveau Revlon Stormy Pink 95%
Mac Pink Noveau Nyx Louisiana 90%
Mac Viva Glam Gaga 2 Mac Crème' De Nude 95%
Viva La Glam Cyndi Mac She Sheer 100%
Viva La Glam Cyndi Revlon In the Red Matte 100%
Viva La Glam Gaga I NYX Narcissus 95%
Viva La Glam Gaga I NYX Strawberry Milk 95%
Viva La Glam Gaga I Revlon Pink Pout 95%
Viva La Glam Gaga I Revlon Baby Pink 95%
Mac Saint Germain  Nyx Louisiana 95%
Mac Saint Germain  Mac Melrose Mood 95%
Mac Saint Germain  Pink Nouveau 95%
Mac Candy Yum Yum  TheBodyShop Neon Pink # 59 90%
Mac Strange Potion Lipgloss Mac Pink Lemonade Gloss 95%
Benetint from Benefit TheBodyShop Rose Pink-stain 100%
Wonder Women Lipgloss Mac Cult of Cherry 95%
Mac Playtime Inglot #18 freedom system 100%
Mac Quite Cute Inglot #36 freedom system 100%


Brand Dupes Match
Nars Orgasm Bourjois Lilas D'OR 95%
Nars Orgasm e.l.f  candid coral 95%
Nars Orgasm e.l.f  peachy pink 95%
Nars Taj Mahal Nyx golden orange 100%
Nars Taj Mahal Inglot # S25 + #AMC S 51 100%
Nars Deep Throat Mac Dainty 90%
Nars Deep Throat E.L.F. Tickled Pink 90%
Nars Orgasm / Laguna E.L.F ContouringBlush& Bronzer 100%
Nars Albatross E.L.F Gotta Glow 100%
Nars Angelika E.L.F Fushia Fusion 95%
Nars Exibit A Sleek Scandalous 100%
Nars Exibit A NYX Red Blush 90%
MAC My Paradise  Nars Lustre 95%
Benefit Coralista Korres Peach 100%
Mac Band Of Roses Mac Dolly Mix+ Breezy 95%
Mac Her Blooming Cheek Mac Full Fushcia 95%
Mac Her Blooming Cheek Inglot #66 100%
Mac Florida Inglot #62 100%
Nars Exibit A Inglot #66 100%


Brand Dupes Match
Mac Rani  Mac Passionate 95%
Mac Rani Inglot #M 362 100%
Mac Nylon Inglot #395/#453 100%
Mac Sun Blonde  Nars Mangrove 95%
Mac Sun Blonde  Inglot #Amc 60 95%
Mac Sun Blonde  Inglot Matte#370 100%
Mac Saffron  Mac Coppering+Red Brick 95%
Mac Saffron  Inglot #DS 464 100%
Mac Saffron Inglot #102R Rainbow Eyeshadow 100%
Mac Amber Lights Milani Bronze Doll 100%
Mac Amber Lights Nyx Golden 95%
Mac Amber Lights Inglot #P 405 100%
Mac Amber Lights Mac Faux Gold 95%
Mac Carbon Milani Black 100%
Mac Carbon Nars Pandora 100%
Mac Carbon NYX Black 100%
Mac Carbon Inglot #AMC 63 100%
Mac Carbon UD Blackout 100%
Mac Coppering Milani Flare 95%
Mac Coppering NYX Copper 95%
Mac Coppering Mac FireCracker  95%
Mac Coppering Mac Dev-il 100%
Mac Black Tied Urban Decay Oil Slick 95%
Mac Black Tied Inglot #AMC 65 100%
Mac Deep Truth Mac Blue Flame 100%
Mac Deep Truth Inglot #P 428 100%
Mac Deep Truth Make Up Forever #308 100%
Mac Deep Truth Milani Blue Lagoon Pallete 95%
Mac Expensive Pink Wet N Wild Penny 100%
Mac Expensive Pink NYX Peach 95%
Mac Expensive Pink Inglot #P 407 100%
Mac Lucky Green NYX Kiwi 95%
Mac Lucky Green Inglot #59 100%
Mac Parrot Inglot AMC Pure Pigment #71 100%
Mac Nylon Mac Short Shorts  100%
Mac Nylon Inglot #395 100%
Mac Nylon Mac Manila Paper 100%
Mac Nylon Mac Dazzlelight 100%
Mac Sweet & Punchy  Nars Rated R 95%
Mac Vanilla NYX White Pearl 100%
Mac She Who Dares TheBodyShop Amythest&Quartz (g) 100%
Mac She Who Dares Inglot #AMC 65 (Blue) 100%
MAC Surf USA  MAC Gulf Stream  100%
MAC Surf USA  Urban Decay Deep End 90%
MAC Surf USA  Inglot loose Eyeshadow Amc #70 100%
MAC Surf USA  Inglot #504 95%
Mac Swell Baby  Mac Scene 100%
Mac Swell Baby  Inglot #DS 502 100%
Mac Cranberry Inglot #P 450 100%
Mac Cranberry UD Last call 100%
Mac Cranberry NYX Rust 100%
Mac Newly Minted NYX Algae 90%
Naked Pallete Nude on Nude by NYX 90%
Mac Solar White  Nars Albatross 100%
Mac Shock- a- holic  Inglot #386 100%
Mac Atlantic Blue  Inglot #388 100%
Mac Blue Candy  Mac Electric Eel 95%
Mac Blue Candy  Inglot #105R Rainbow Eyeshadow 100%
Mac Blue Candy  Inglot #322 Matte Eyeshadow 100%
Mac Unsurpassable Urban Decay Urb 100%
Mac Rose Quartz Chambor Shimmer Rose#54 100%
Mac Dark Indulgence She Who Dares 95%
Mac Dark Indulgence Inglot #P 414 90%
Mac Faux Gold Milani Fusion 90%
Mac Jade's Fortune Inglot # P 451 100%
Mac Hint Of Sapphire Inglot #P 434 100%
Mac Mineral Mode  Inglot #P 399 100%
Mac Rare Find Inglot #P 445 90%
Mac Clarity Inglot #P 444 100%
Mac Blue Sheen Inglot #P 428 100%
Mac Blue Sheen Mac Deep Truth 100%
Mac Blue Sheen Make Up Forever #308 95%
Mac Unsurpassable Urban Decay Urb 100%
Mac Smoked Ruby Mac Idyllic Paint pot +
Mac Smoked Ruby Mac Reflects Pigment Blackened-Red 95%
Mac Smoked Ruby Mac Centrestage+ Mac Sexpectations 95%
Mac Smoked Ruby UD Hustle+ Mac Cranberry 90%
Mac Smoked Ruby Inglot #P423 + P499 95%
Mac Smoked Ruby Inglot# P421+ P423 100%
Mac Rose Quartz Chambor Shimmer Rose#54 100%
Mac Marvel Inglot #P 439 100%
MAC gold Pigment Inglot AMC Pure pigment #69 100%
Mac old gold Pigment Inglot AMC Pure Pigment #84 100%
Mac Miss Piggy Mac Paradise Island+ Star Studded 100%
Mac Miss Piggy WnW We are blasting Off 100%
Mac Miss Piggy Inglot #319 100%
Mac Centrestage Mac Carbonized 100%
Mac Carbonized UD Hustle 100%
Mac Centrestage UD Hustle 100%
Mac Sexpectations Mac Antiqued 100%
Mac Sexpectations Mac Coppering 95%
Mac Dev-il Mac Coppering 100%
Mac Antiqued Mac Spectacle of Yourself 100%
Mac Antiqued Mac Glamour Check 100%
Mac Antiqued Nyx Walnut 100%
Mac Antiqued Mac Coppering 95%
Mac Antiqued Inglot #P 421 100%
Mac Smoked Ruby Inglot# P421+ P423+P 452 100%
Mac Idyllic Paint pot  Inglot # P 452 100%
Mac Goldmine Inglot #AMC S 27 100%
Mac Goldmine Inglot #P 403 100%
Mac Humid Inglot #AMC S 44 100%
Mac Crystal Avalance Inglot #P 447/ # P 501 100%
Mac Electra Inglot #Amc S 56 100%
MacBlacktied Inglot #Amc 65 100%
Mac Passionate Inglot #DS 495 100%
Mac Sumptuous olive Inglot #P 433 100%
Mac Ricepaper Inglot #P 393 100%
Mac Satin taupe Inglot #P 402 100%
Mac Coco  Inglot #P 402 100%
Mac Papparaz - she Inglot #AMC 51 100%
Mac Papparaz - she Mac Amber lights 95%
Mac Tempting UD Smog 100%
Mac Cork UD Naked 100%
Mac Cork Inglot #352 M 100%
Mac Brule UD Virgin 100%
Mac WoodWinked Inglot #P 406 100%
Mac Coppering Inglot #P 605 100%
Mac Brash Inglot #P 605 100%
Mac Rule Inglot #383 M 100%


Mac Eyeshadows Quads Dupes Match
Call me Bubbles Eyeshadow Quad

Call me Bubbles Inglot #P 395 100%
Fresh Daily Inglot # Amc S15 100%
Full of Flavour Inglot #P 361 100%
Brash Inglot #P 605 100%
MAC Colour Added EyeshadowQuad

Laundry daze M 351 100%
Colour added Inglot# Amc S16 100%
Pre-Packaged inglot # P 388 100%
Self-Serve DS 502 100%
Mac Shop and Drop Eyeshadow Quad

Hypnotising Inglot #356 Matte 100%
Sugar snack Inglot #P 420 100%
Shop & Drop Inglot #P 321 100%
Power Boosted Inglot #P 441 100%
Power Boosted UD Junkshow 100%

MAC Athma Quad Inglot Dupes
Jaan DS 463
Folie 327 Matte
Vivah DS457/AMC 52/#609 DS
Carbon 391 Matte

Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadows Inglot Dupes Match
Virgin #P 395 100%
Sin #P 397 100%
Naked #M 390 100%
Sidecar #AMC S 46 / DS 463 100%
Buck #M 357 100%
Half Baked #AMC S 34 100%
Smog #P 409 100%
Darkhorse #P 422 100%
Toasted #AMC S12+ P 399 100%
Hustle #P 423 100%
Creep #AMC 65 100%
Gunmetal #AMC S 47 100%

Nail Lacquer Dupe
OPI A Roll In The Hague Essie Orange
OPI Dutch 'Ya Just Love OPI? Zoya Tru
OPI Did You 'ear About Van Gogh? Zoya Farah
OPI I Don't Give A Rotterdamn Zoya Skylar
OPI I Have A Herring Problem Zoya Skylar
OPI I Have A Herring Problem OPI I Don't Give A Rotterdamn
OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips Nicole by OPI All Kendall-ed Up
OPI Thanks A WindMillion OPI Mermaid Tears
OPI Thanks A WindMillion Zoya Bevin
Zoya Bevin OPI Mermaid Tears
China Glaze Channelesque China Glaze Below Deck
Chanel‘s Paradoxal ModelsOwn – Purple Grey.
Chanel Paradoxal Revlon Naughty
Chanel’s Riva Eyeko Pastel Polish
OPI - Sapphire in the Snow Zoya – Pinta
Chanel – Black Satin Zoya – Raven
OPI – Funkey Dunkey Zoya – Mira
OPI – Cuckoo for this Color China Glaze – Emerald Fitzgerald
OPI – Suzi Says Feng Shui Zoya – Breezi
OPI – Just Groovy Zoya – Yummy
Katy Perry for OPI – Not Like the Movies Wet N Wild – Gray’s Anatomy
Nicole by OPI – Blues in the Night OPI - Unripened
OPI I'm Not Really a Waitress Essie Scarlett O'Hara
OPI I'm Not Really a Waitress Revlon Cherry Crush
OPI I'm Not Really a Waitress China Glaze Wild Thing
China Glaze Ruby Pumps Revlon Firecracker
OPI Sweet Heart Revlon Sheer Pink
CHANEL Vamp (creme) Revlon Vixen
CHANEL Vamp (shimmer) Elizabeth Arden Garden City Cabernet
CHANEL Very Vamp Essie Wacky Wicked
CHANEL Organdy Essie Forget Me Nots
OPI It's All Greek to Me China Glaze Monte Carlo
OPI Edin-burgandy OPI Got the Blues for Red
China Glaze High Maintenance OPI Got the Blues for Red
Zoya Charla OPI Catch Me in Your Net
Zoya Charla ORLY Halley's Comet
Chanel Black Pearl Revlon Black with Envy
Chanel Paradoxal Revlon Perplexed
Zoya Crystal OPI Reflecting Pool
China Glaze Zombie Zest Orly It's Not Rocket Science
OPI Just Groovy Zoya Yummy
OPI Black Magic Mountain OPI Yes...I Can-Can
MAC Whirlwind China Glaze Rodeo Fanatic
China Glaze Mom's Chiffon OPI Elephantastic Pink
OPI Year of the Dragon Essie Boathouse
China Glaze Aqua China Glaze Shower Together
China Glaze Secrets OPI Two Plums Up
Zoya Anastasia The Body Shop Sparkling Plum
OPI “Suzi Take The Wheel” China Glaze “Recycle”
OPI "Ready Set Grape" Milani "Purple Rush"
Nicole by OPI "My Lifesaver" China Glaze "For Audrey"
China Glaze "For Audrey" Essie "Turquoise & Caicos"
Nicole by OPI "My Lifesaver" Essie "Turquoise & Caicos"
Deborah Lippmann “Happy Birthday” Milani “Gems”
Essie “Chinchilly” G+L “Take it or Leave it”
Ulta “Bombshell” G+L “Big Daddy Cane”
China Glaze Peace on earth Nina ultra pro mossy britches
China Glaze “Something Sweet” Nubar “Oh Baby Pink”
Zoya “Kristi” Nubar “Sexy Red’,
OPI Uh oh Roll down the window Zoya Dree
OPI Big Apple Red OPI Colour so hot in Berns
OPI Big Apple Red Seche Red
OPI Colour so hot in Berns Seche Red
OPI Miami beet Zoya Maxie
OPI Stranger Tides Essie Da Bush
OPI A Roll In The Hague Essie meet me at the sunset
OPI A Roll In The Hague Mac Kid Orange
OPI A Roll In The Hague Inglot #980
OPI A Roll In The Hague OPI Atomic Orange
Mac Kid Orange Inglot #980
Mac Kid Orange Bourjois No.10 Rouge Poppy
Mac Kid Orange OPI Atomic Orange
OPI Fly Mac Salad Dressed
OPI Fly China Glaze for Audrey
OPI Fly Essie Tourquoise
OPI Did It on em Mac Al fredo
OPI Did It on em Colorbar 012
OPI Did It on em Revlon Beach
OPI Did It on em Zoya Mitzi
OPI Pink Friday Ambika Pillai Hard Candy No.9
OPI Pink Friday Ambika Pillai Hard Candy No.11


  1. OMG this post is amazing!! Thank you a million time <3

  2. desperately trying to find a 100% dupe for Yves Saint Laurent Melon D'or #59 lipstick - please help!

  3. I wouldn't depend on this list very much. I have Revlon matte Really Red and NYX Electra and they are *completely* different. Nothing alike at all.

  4. Dear Kristinc,

    They are all only 95% match

    Mac Russian Red Nyx Electra 95%
    Mac Russian Red Revlon Really Red MATTE 95%


  5. I found this post really helpful, for dupes and also who want dupe of high end brands in reasonable prices! Once Mac- Mehr and Russian Red was stock out in my town for a long time, I went for Lina Cameron for my brother's wedding makeover that time, she suggest me this to dupes Viva La Glam and Nyx-Electra. It was really helpful for me, because these two were my go to lipsticks! I am really thankful to her for this. Also, my sister took her makeup course from her, she trains best make-up lessons in my town and she is really caring and helpful! <3


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