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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sephora Is Here in India - A Very Happy New Year!!

Yes,  A Very Happy New Year to all you beautiful ladies out there our gift from France has arrived and it's called "Sephora" halleluiah!!!.... I couldn't have more happier when got to know that one the most successful chain of beauty is here and I am sure it's here to stay for long long time.....

The Opening of the store was on 22nd December just before Christmas, that surely made a lot of women really happy :). This store has opened at Select City Walk, Saket just opposite, my two favourite stores !!! I am all smiles.....

Off course, I couldn't have just gone there for nothing???? I also have a Sephora Haul :))))

My Sephora Haul!! :))

But, lets take a sneak peak of the store first. There are many brands to shop from like Benefit, NYX, Burt's and Bees, Soap and Glory, Dior, The Face Shop, Stila, Sephora Exclusive there own range of Body Care, Make Up, Perfumes and Accessories, MUFE will be coming in January!!....

You will notice a lot of products and testers missing well that's because some really sick customers stole them!! thief's of the first order!!...I know stealing is easy and earning is difficult but how low can these ppl go??? stealing??? makeup products??? that's really sick!!

One the assistant's a lady told me about this while she was guiding me in the store. All she said to me was that  "These customers come from good families and yet they steal?,  it's easy for them all right but we suffer!!,  we are not that rich  and we are just working here,  how much loss can we take?"  I felt so sad for her and those steal don't realise that they place a poor man's job in danger. Stealing is crime please don't do so if you are less on cash.. Good things comes to all those who wait and NOT to those who steal!!

My words for all those who stole from Sephora; Bad karma will hit you back pretty soon so sit tight for the the judgement day!!

One of the Ten Commandments -"Thou, shall not steal!"


Benefit Counter...

Sephora exclusive!!

The Face Shop.
Burt's & Bees

Soap and Glory.


Couldn't have been happier!!

My Date - Mr. Red!!!

And Now, Comes the HAUL!!!

Benefit, Burt's & Bees and Soap and Glory!!

Benefit's Sugarlicious

My favourite purchase of the day Benefit's Sugarlicious and Coralista!!

Benefit sugarlicious....

Benefit Coralistaaaa!!

I used both of these products and found them pretty satisfactory... The hand cream from this brand is nice keeps your hands hydrated and when I applied the Sexy Mother Pucker XL - Extreme plumper on my lips. I experienced strange tingling & chilly sensation for about 10-20 seconds. It almost felt like that my lips are about to freeze or as if they expanding....I have some pictures to show you .....

Soap and Glory....

Sexy XL- Mother Puckerrrr!! and Bella Bamba lip gloss...

Burt's Bees - I still need to use these in order to find out how they are?  And will come back with a review!!

Burt's and bees body wash + shampoo and face cleanser!!

+ I also got a gift - A faux fur bag with sephora's logo on it!  :)

It was a great day at Sephora, I really enjoyed it and I always wanted one here in Delhi ..looks like my wish came true.  Sephora has truly given - A Great Kick Start to The New Year!!

Availability:  Sephora, New Delhi.

Benefit's Coralista:  INR 2130
Benefit's: Sugarlicious:  INR 2090
Burts & Bees Body Wash and Face Wash:  INR 900 and 1300 respectively
Soap and Glory Sexy XL- Extreme plumper:   INR1200
Soap and Glory Hand Cream:  INR 390


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Wedding & Reception and A Very Merry 'X' Mas!

Here is the compilation of the Wedding and Reception of my brother  on the 5th and 7th this December. On the night before the wedding Anirudh was mobbed and rubbed all over with Haldi which is part of our culture in our family as was the Jamai!!

Listening to Sangeet....... :)

The night before the wedding with all the Haldi and peacefully enjoying his drink afterwards....

On the wedding day, since I was wearing my own wedding lehenga which was inspired by marwar...I thought about going for a high bun with Chotli and Borla for a Rajasthani look......


Rajasthani Look with a Hair Chotli and Borla...

Sweating it out.. lot of dancing going around.....

Hair Chotli all messed up after dancing!!! :)

All pinned up :)

The Look....

Mr. & Mrs. Lal -The Guests of Honour :)

 A lot of party going on......

The Groom... He's wearing a sherwani from frontier raas....

Here comes the Bride!!!
She's wearing a strawberry pink lehenga from Chabbra 555.. the colour of the season...


Sindoor is applied to the bride after the phera's which solemnises marriage...

Now, That's a golden bride she is wearing jewellery from Om sons..

Just Married...

Morning After .. Happily Married!!

On the 7th was the Reception it was another fun event, here we go.... I wore my Reception Lehenga which was from Frontier Raas (Nand) and my husband Anirudh (Jamai) repeated his own. The Bride (Bhabi) was a wearing a Kanjivaram Saree and The Groom (brother) was wearing Sherwani from Frontier Raas..

Pinks and purples....

Another set of lovely hair pins....

A simple and elegant evening look...

Balloon and Chocolate Bouquet for the Bride and Groom..

Balloon and Chocolate Bouquet

Balloon and Chocolate Bouquet

Balloon and Chocolate Bouquet

The Wedding Cake by Choko La!,  Isn't it adorable!!

The wedding cake by choko la.

The wedding cake by choko la

The Bride is Superrrr Impressed with all the gifts...

Posing for the pictures with the balloon bouquet....

Duh, on the Moon!!

All Smiles and celebrations are just beginning :)

I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures and I have lovely news for all of you would be brides this Christmas TA DA!!

Yeah,  A real Christmas gift for would be brides :)))

What all did we wear???

  • Bride's Jewellery: Om sons, Lajpat Nagar and Tanishq,
  • My  Jewellery: by Tanishq and Khanna Jewellers,
  • Bride's Makeup: Alps, janakpuri on the Wedding and Madonna, green park on the Reception,
  • My Makeup: Alps, janakpuri on the Wedding and by myself on the Reception,
  • Bridal wear: Bridal Lehenga by Chabbra 555 stitched at our boutique and Kanjivaram Saree at the Reception, the blouse for it was also stitched by Ambiance Kreators...
  • Groom's Sherwani for both the events was from Frontier Raas,
  • Anirudh's Sherwani for both the events was from Diwan Saheb.

Availability and Price:   

  • Balloon Bouquet: Select city walk, Saket ₹ 150-200 each,
  • Chocolate Bouquet: Just Flowers, Green Park ₹ 1175,
  • The Wedding Cake: Choko La (Gurgoan) -  ₹6,500 for 4kg's.



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