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Friday, December 16, 2011

So, you are getting Engaged? - Engagement Rings

Engagement Set for His & Her By TanishQ.

My Engagement Ring was a One Carat Princess Diamond By Tanishq.
My Husband's Ring was among the Precious Platium collection from Tanishq.
My Lehenga Saree was from Frontier Raas and My Husband's Suit was from Salvatore Ferragamo

I got married last year in December and My Engagement was on 29th Nov, 2010. The most important purchase that you need to make for your engagement is off course; "The Engagement Ring!!"

Always remember that the engagement rings that you both purchase is the one that you both are going to wear all your life. Your engagement rings should always complement your personalities and style. Make sure that you both ask each other what kind of rings would you like to wear? If possible go together to select your Engagement rings.

Also make sure that you don't fall for any lousy jewellery. Make sure that the jewellery store that you visit is reputed. "A lousy Jeweller can always sell a really bad diamond to you for twice the price and also say that it's good for you!."

Please do check the 4 C's of Diamond -  Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat before purchasing any diamond. 

One Carat Princess Cut Diamond

Do Not Purchase any kind of jewellery without a certificate of authenticity!

Once you have made the choice of your engagement rings make sure that you exchange each other ring sizes correctly as platinum rings cannot be readjusted once they are manufactured. Yes, every platinum ring is unique and cannot be adjusted to fit later. So in order to avoid this boo-boo make sure that you know each others ring size accurately!

Platinum Love Bands- A Timeless expression of love!

Hearts On Fire Wedding Band Collection
Bands of Love
Wedding Band Set In Gold

You can also get your rings engraved and personalise them with your names or love quotes. Engraving rings is one the most romantic way of expressing your love!

Matching Wedding Bands
Famous Quotes

Famous Engagement Rings

Princess Diana's Sapphire and Diamonds Victorian Ring
Princess Diana's Ring Passed on to Princess Katherine by Prince William
Catherine Zeta Jones Pear Shaped Diamond Ring

Shania Twain
Shilpa Shetty
Penelope Cruz
Kareena Kapoor
Aishwariya Rai

Simple One Carat Rings


 I love my Engagement Ring and Love Band from Tanishq!!

To check out an engagement ring for you and your partner you can visit these links:-


I am sure by now you have must have sat down with your parent's and decided on the venue and decoration? If you have not; Then it's never to late to hire a wedding planner. They always make the job quite easy! "Once that's decided both of you can just relax and wait for the day which will be one of the most memorable one in your life. Yes, The day you got engaged!!"


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