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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Organic Surge Pure Extracts Eye Gel - *Review* It's a Miracle!!


I recently purchased the Organic Surge pure extracts eye gel  (15/ml - 619 INR). This is an eye gel that is purer than other eye gels available in the market.

Organic Surge claims that their eye gel cools and refreshes the delicate skin around the eyes. The lightweight, quickly-absorbed gel formulation combines skin-calming chamomile with clarifying green tea and eyebright extracts to reduce puffiness and rejuvenate the delicate skin around the eye area. I have been using it for almost a weak now and Yes, I agree that it's a miracle! This gel cured thin lines and puffiness around my eyes and also gets easily absorbed!

Organic Surge is U.K's leading and one the most loved brands simply because they are effective, affordable and does not contain any harsh chemicals. These products have received accolades and awards from various Beauty Magazines and Newspapers like Daily Mail ,Grazia, The Independent, Celebs on Sunday, Marie Claire and they are loved by the most famous celebrities around the world!

Organic Surge Eye Gel Is :-
  • Natural and Organic with Pure Plant Extracts.
  • Untouched by Harsh Chemicals 
  • Enriched with Aloe Vera and Green Tea
  • Cooling & Refreshing
  • Treats puffiness under eyes
  • Quickly Absorbs
  • Does Not Sting
  • Contains certified organic essential oils
  • Cruelty free; No Animal Ingredients used in Manufacturing or Development.

Contains Natural Actives:-
  1. Aloe vera - naturally calms and moisturises the skin
  2. Green tea - naturally reduces inflammation, a natural skin healing agent
  3. Natural glycerine - a natural humectant which attracts moisture to the skin, allowing it to remain hydrated and soft
  4. Witch hazel - anti-inflammatory properties help to naturally reduce puffiness
  5. Eyebright - naturally reduces puffiness and redness to visibly brighten the eyes
  6. Menthol - cooling sensation on application, absorbs quickly and is highly effective in reducing puffiness

Ingredient's :- 

Aqua (Water)*, Glycerin (Veg)*, Hamamelis Virginiana*, Dimethicone Copolyol, Aloe Barbadensis*, Acrylates*/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Cross Polymer, Urea*, Euphrasia Officinalis*, Camellia Sinensis Leaf*, Phenoxyethanol*, Menthol*. *naturally-derived ingredient.

For more information go to

Price:               619 INR healthkart price/ 825 INR/ 7.99 pounds

Availability:-  For India Buy Organic Surge Eye Gel from 
                        OR your friendly drugstore.
                        For U.S.A
                        For U.K Fresh and Wild chemists,Boots.

Packaging:-   A
Rating:-         A+

Love Surabhi



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