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Friday, November 11, 2011


Watch the Video's Below:

                                             By ilovemylongnails

OPI launched its shatter collection ($8 U.S for 15ml-0.5FLoz) this with 5 Crackling shades 1) Black 2) White 3) Red 4) Blue 5) Turquoise 6) Navy blue.

The most amazing fact about these shades is that each shade has different effect on different base nail polish colour.  It looks like your nails are cracking!!. Just the same way you can see cracks in the earth after a “ Huge Quake " I guess that’s where they get their name shatter !!. My first impression after watching the video and pics was... I gotta have this!!. One of these Nail polishes should be there in every gal’s Paraphernalia!!


How does crackle Nail polish work?

A regular nail polish is supposed to dry slowly and uniformly across the nail in a smooth, even application. Crackle nail polishes have added a special solvent, ethanol alcohol, that makes the polish dry quickly and unevenly.

 3 Steps to Create You Own Shatter Nails!!

A) Paint a Base Coat
     Can be ANY REGULAR Nail polish.

B) Paint  A Crackle Coat
After the base coat is completely dry apply a Shatter Nail polish Coat over it and watch it Crackle.

C) Paint a Top Coat
     Once the Crackle Nail polish Dries Apply a transparent Top Coat.

 2 Ways to Apply Shatter

A)  Apply on the tip of the Nail just like when you apply a white nail polish while doing a French Manicure.

B)  Apply on nail itself for a complete shatter effect

Price: $8
Availability: U.S, UK, Europe,
Rating : A
Packaging : A+

Black Shatter with Gold Nail polish
Black Shatter with OPI Katy Perry Base Coat

Love Surabhi

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