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Monday, October 24, 2011

Shatter This Diwali with OPI GOLD SHATTER!!

All those women who are planning to get a nail art done this Diwali can also try this at home and at half the cost. Try shatter range from O.P.I. They have recently launched Gold Shatter Nail lacquer which creates shatter metallic look on nails which is great for evenings and celebrations!
Gold shatter by O.P.I (15ml -0.5fl OZ) is available for $8 in the U.S and is the hottest sensation in nail art. O.P.I Shatter is not available in India right now but is easily available on eBay and you can get it delivered straight to your doorstep. Shatter nail polish trend  has still not started in India probably because there are only three well known branded companies like O.P.I, Sally Hansen & China glaze which deal with Crackle Nail lacquer and are yet to launch in India. Rest are some local brands which are cheaper to purchase. None of them are available in India.

You can find some Crackle Nail polishes at Kunchals GK-I, M-Block by the name of OOPLA for Rs 350/- per pack or you can get a crackle look done at any nail bar for Rs 500/- per sitting which becomes a very costly affair! So, it is better to purchase some of your favourite shatter shades from eBay.

1.       Apply one thin coat of shatter nail lacquer on one coat of completely dry nail lacquer of any brand for a stylish shatter effect.
2.       Shatter nail polish dries as soon as you apply it on a base coat and starts cracking by itself you don’t have to do a thing just wait and watch how beautiful your nails start looking!

So go ahead and shatter this Diwali!!

Price Varies: $4 - $6.25  Per shatter Nail Lacquer
Availability: for shatter Nail Lacquer or you can purchase OPI from for 520/- INR
Rating: A+
Packaging: A+

Love Surabhi

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