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Monday, September 19, 2011

Nose Piercing Infection, Where should we get our nose piercing done?

I got my nose pierced from Siloffer at GK-1 M block Market on 6th of April 2011. These people charged me INR 2800/- for gold nose pin with diamond and did not even sterlise their tools while piercing my nose. They applied a bit of boroline and I ended up getting a serious nose piercing infection full of puss and blood. I thought at first that it will go away; I applied neosporin gel overnight and that temporarily gave me relief after that it again came back. Some else suggested me that I should apply turmeric and ghee with cotton on the infected area well that really helped to heal the infection but only temporarily!! :*( ..

I read somewhere in some of the beauty blogs that if you end up getting a nose piercing infection you should first remove the nose pin and treat that area neospirin gel. I kept that advice in mind!!..

After that I visited Silver World in the same market and spoke to lady about my infection as they were into body piercing as well!!. I told her that i was suffering from a nose piercing infection from last 4 months and it hasn't healed completely!!....She told me that where did i get my piercing done from?.. I told her "Siloffer".

She smiled and said that many women have come to her shop and they all had serious piercing infections and they all got their piercing done at silofer!!...She told me that these silofer ppl don't sterlise their tools before piercing and largley focus on profiteering rather that welfare of their of customer and be careful before buying any Jewellery from them ..and maybe diamond on the nose pin they sold to me wasn't real so get it checked!!...That rang a bell!! :(

So I went back to these ppl and told them I have an infection and I also showed them the receipt they gave me in April....they said must be my fault and dint take care or clean properly!!...(As matter of fact I always kept it clean)... He was just full of excuses!!!.....I also asked him if he would exchange his nosepin ...He said no..we don't buy back....What a Skunk!!!....And said I should keep on applying dettol and come back after a week and show him...

I decided that very moment that i would not keep that nose pin anymore and went back to Silver Arts to get my nose pin removed. I bought a new silver nose pin from them that costed me Rs 125/- only and she carefully removed the old one and put the new silver one inside the piercing and also sterlized all her tools with surgical spirit before doing that. She  also advised me that I should keep cleaning my piercing with surgical spirit weekly or whenever signs of infection reappear. I came back home and applied a mixture of neosporin gel and powder....

VIOLLA!! just overnight the infection dissappered. My Gawwd I thanked my stars for the right decision. I kept applying the mixture of Neosporin gel and powder for a week to be on the safer side and

"Please  don't get your piercing done where they don't sterlize their tools!!...Apply  a mixture of neosporin gel and powder clean your piercing with Surgical Spirit to get rid of infection...."


  1. I have got piercing from silofer in GK... Hell this was bad.. My ear was in a bad codition untill I got the earing removed.. I agree wid girl. N people if u r reading this DO NOT GO TO SILOFER.

  2. Even I went to silofer n I m getting the same infection again n again It is terrible.No one should ever go to silofer plz...

  3. Thanks for the review. I was planning to get a piercing done and someone suggested me Sillofers. I've got it done from some place before and I caught an infection. Don't want to go through it again. Thanks a lot :)
    Also, do these Silver world people pierce nose also? Let me know. Thanks again :)

    1. Youre Welcome Echo!!

      Yup their is silver art store in G.K. M block that does piercing!!

  4. Thanks for the review. I too am planning to get a nose piercing done and a friend suggested Silofer.
    But after going through this review I am not at all sure about Silofer.
    but I am not able to find the contact details/location of Silver Art. Please let me know. Thank you :)

    1. Hello,
      Silver Art is Silver World and it is in the same market G.K. M Block!!
      They are good people to go to as far piercing is considered!!

  5. Go to Adarsh in Kamla Nagar... I had done my nose and eyebrow piercing from there n most of my friends. This guy uses the jewelry itself instead of tools in most of the cases (depends on type of piercing).

  6. I could not find any store in the name of Silver World/ silver art in GK.
    Could you please share the link. Is it "The Tiana Silver Art Jewellery"


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