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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Nail Extensions - Beautify Your Hands

Nail Extensions are probably one of most beautiful innovation for women. Especially Women like me who have brittle nails. I always wanted my nails long and strong but I had to really struggle to keep them healthy and long. For a maximum of 3 months they would fine but then they would detoriate. My makeup artist suggested me that I can go for Nail extensions as they are acrylic and stay strong. You can keep them in whatever shape you like. So I went ahead and got nail extensions done just before my wedding last year!


Nail extensions are acrylic nails that are bonded with natural nails with nail glue right at the tip of the natural nail bed. You can keep the length of the nails as per your requirement. Then a powder based substance is mixed with primer and applied on the entire nail bed to create an illusion of natural nails. After that buffing is done thoroughly so that a smooth surface is created without any bumps. Then nails have to be dried in the dryer system they keep with them.

This entire process is laborious and takes up to an hour but the results are beautiful. You get strong long nails which are unbreakable. I don’t mean you take a stone and pound on them off course they will break!! But what I mean is that you can do you daily chores like clean the dishes, wash clothes, type & write and they won’t break and will last up to 6 months. 

These Acrylic nails come in two types:
  • Natural
  • French Manicure/ White Tip 

The Natural ones looks exactly like natural nails and you can use any nail lacquer on them to make them look pretty whereas The French Manicure /White Tip ones look like as if you just got a fresh new French Manicure done. You can also apply nail lacquer if you want to change the look.

All types and brand of nails lacquers look great on both of these nails but the Matt creamy ones are the one which are a little difficult to apply on them. Also make sure that you use Nail Polish remover for Sensitive / Artificial nails only otherwise your acrylic nails will chip or break off your natural nail bed.

The other thing that you have take care of is that make sure fillings done every month because your natural nails keep growing and the natural nail bed remains healthy no harm is done. When 6 months are up or if you fed up of your nail extensions and get them removed at the nail parlor!

Many Actresses and Model’s prefer them as they are easy to maintain. It is also great option for Wedding’s and Engagement. I got them done for this purpose and they looked great with every outfit. I JUST LOVE THEM!

Do’s And Don’ts


Do apply a natural nail lacquer before you apply any other otherwise the colour will not come off completely when you remove it. 

Do use a nail polish remover for sensitive and artificial nails only. 

If you see any kind of green patches or discoloration on your nails get them removed immediately and visit a dermatologist.


Don’t Pound it with a hammer or something or against the wall because they will break and chip off and will also hurt your natural nail bed.

Don’t keep them more them 6 months.

Don't Ignore signs of infection - any residue or green patches.


Simar’s Nail Bar  Price 3200 INR - Select City Walk Saket, New Delhi

Nails N More        Price 2100 INR - Select City Walk Saket, New Delhi

There are many other nails bar’s located in India & Abroad you can look them up in the yellow pages.


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