Wednesday, April 25, 2018

NYKAA Get Winged Sketch Eyeliner.

Nykaa Get Winged! Sketch Eyeliner - Black Swan 01

"Just wing it! Nykaa Get Winged! Sketch Eyeliner featuring an innovating slanted felt tip that is going to make your life easier. This unique design allows you to get those to-die-for wings every time! Super long wearing and super easy to use, this sketch liner is all you need to slay the day. Classic, coveted flick or a dramatic cat eye, your wish is this liner’s command!"

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Be Barefoot - Vitamin "G" Earthing

"Do you remember the last time you walked barefoot on the beach or the grass, simply reconnected with the Earth?   How good did it feel?"

“Earthing” (Vitamin G) and the benefits of walking barefoot.

After years of extensive research has shown that connecting to the Earth’s natural energy, by walking barefoot on grass, sand, dirt or rock can diminish chronic pain, fatigue and other ailments that plague so many people today.  This connection is referred to as Earthing or Grounding. This was proved by Indian Ayurveda thousands of years ago!!

Friday, January 26, 2018

Padmaavat (Padmavati) Ghoomar Choker

This post is dedicated to the beauty of Rani Padmavati and all beautiful women around the world. "Beauty is a boon but seldom it becomes a curse" I am sure since you are beautiful you must have met your own modern day Allaudin Khilji's, fought them and won. Life is no less than a poetry!

This  movie had gone huge controversary's yet the movie was released yesterday and received lukewarm reviews. Tanishq has dedicated their own range of beautiful collection called "Padmaavat" earlier called "Padmavati collection" dedicated to her beauty. You can see Deepika Padukone in "Padmaavat" movie wearing most of this collection. I was lucky enough to get my hands on the replica of this Tanishq Set.

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