Friday, June 23, 2017

Chandrika Coin Charm Anklets Tribe By Amrapali

I love silver jewellery, you must have seen a lot of silver collection on my blog. One of the favourite silver jewellers are Amrapali. Tribe By Amrapali is a leading online shop for silver jewellery, most of its jewellery is gold plated however one its collection Chandrika is all traditional silver enamel jewellery.

It will blacken over the time if you do not keep it in its silk pouch provided by them. It does have its own charm and particularly loved the anklets and its toe rings.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Ambassador for the Divine Feminine Art Project (The Shroud of Turin)


Bishop Ralph Napierski is looking 1008 women to receive the real part of the Shroud Of Turin. He creates art with real parts of the Shroud of Turin. He recently selected me as one of the Holy Mother Ambassadors for the his project and he also created an artwork of my feet as shown above left.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Lux Plush Collection Fragrance Mousse Collection

The House of Lux” contacted me in 2016 to be their  Ambassador for their global beauty blogger programme, since then I am officially a Lux Ambassador and a part of Exclusive list of 13 Bloggers around the world!!

It was an amazing journey till now to be among these 13 Lux Ambassador’s  around the world, I was probably the first person in India to have a special sneak peak at the latest Lux Plush Collection which is a one of kind shower mousse collection with fine fragrance. This gorgeous kit with two bottles of the plush collection 400ml each was posted to me from Singapore. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I set my eyes on this kit it’s beautiful!!

I have been using "Lux Plush Collection" for more than six months. It is has been a relaxing bathing experience that I wish to speak to you about....
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